PowerPresentation Tools
Focus on your story rather than the layout
Every day, we use PowerPoint to create new stories, designs, innovations, and insights. PowerPresentation Tools improves your efficiency within PowerPoint by automatically handling repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on telling your story.
What is PowerPresentation Tools?

PowerPresentation is an add-in for PowerPoint that automates routine, time-consuming functions in PowerPoint. After installation it will appear as a taskbar on the right side of PowerPoint, making the most important functions directly accessible. Average users have reported signigicant savings every week while using the tools.


Everything Where You Need It

PowerPresentation Tools was created to support PowerPoint users by managing the most important functions. This tool is designed to have all the functions you need, right where you need them.


Time Saving

The tool’s functions are tailored to handle the most repetitive tasks in your daily PowerPoint work. You will save an average of 2 hours per month.


Better Presentations

Alignment on slides will be corrected without any extra effort and the design will be consistent throughout your presentation. Finalize your layouts quickly and focus more on the content.


Cost Efficient

For as low as 4,99€ per month, PowerPresentation Tools is the most cost-efficient tool on the market. As you streamline your work in PowerPoint, this affordable tool will save you money, month after month.

What functions does PowerPresentation include?
PowerPresentation Tools include a wide variety of  functions. Below, you can view the tool’s structure as you will see it in PowerPoint, as well as a description of all functions currently included in the tool.

Save / Send Active Presentation
Saves the full presentation or only the selected slides, or attaches them to an Outlook E-mail. The slide can be saved/attached as a PDF file or a PowerPoint presentation.

Change Font
Changes the font of the whole presentation to the font of the current selected text box.

Change Title Font
Changes the title font and size of the whole presentation to the font and size of the current selected text box.

Change Language
Changes the language of the whole presentation to the language of the current selected shape.

Insert Note
Inserts an orange note in the top left corner of the presentation.
The note can be customized with the customize function.

Insert Stamp
Inserts a stamp onto the current slide. By default, the stamp text will be “Example”.
The stamp can be customized with the customize function.

Create Slide Snapshot
Creates a picture of the current slide and inserts it into the current slide.

Rectify Lines
Rectifies all lines on the current slide to be either completely horizontal or completely vertical.

Align Shapes
Aligns all selected shapes to the last selected shape. The shape’s top, bottom, right, left, horizontal middle, or vertical middle will be matched with the last selected shape’s corresponding border.

Touch Shape
Aligns all selected shapes to the last selected shape. All shapes will be touching the last selected shape’s top, bottom, right, or left boarder.

Stack Shapes
Stacks all selected shapes either horizontally or vertically.

Distribute Shapes Evenly
Distributes all selected shapes evenly, either horizontally or vertically.

Copy / Paste Shape Position
Copies the top/left position of the selected shape and stores it. Select another shape to paste the copied position.

Align Grid
Aligns selected shapes in a grid. An input box is opened to state the rows, columns, and distance with which the user would like the selected shapes aligned.

Swap Shapes
Swaps the top/left position of two selected shapes.

Resize Shapes
Resizes all selected shapes to match the last selected shape’s height, width, or full size.

Resize to Shape
Resizes all selected shapes to the last selected shape. The shape’s size will only be changed in the direction of the last selected shape’s right, left, top, or bottom border.

Resize to Touch
Resizes all selected shapes to touch the last selected shape’s border. The shape’s size will be changed so that it touches the last selected shape’s right, left, top, or bottom border from the outside.

Crop to Slide
Crops all shapes or pictures, which extend over the slide to the slide borders.

Shapes to Table / Table to Shapes
Converts a selected table into singular shapes.
Converts roughly aligned shapes into a table.

Combine Text / Separate Text
Combines selected text into one text box with combined, paragraphed text.
Separates paragraphs of a shape into singular shapes.

Increase Margin / Decrease Margin
Increases or decreases all text margins of selected shapes.

Apply Table Style
Applies a specific table style to the selected table.
The table style can be customized with the customize function.

Add Transparency
Adds a transparent filter onto the current selected shapes.
The filter can be customized with the customize function.

Add Bullet
Applies a custom bullet style to the currently selected shape. If no shape is selected, it adds a basic bullet list to the slide. The bullet style can be customized with the customize function.

Change / Erase Text
Changes the text of all selected shapes. Leave text input blank to erase the text of all selected shapes.

Split / Multiply Shape
Opens a window to define the amount of rows and columns as well as the distance of the split or multiplication and the splits or multiplies the selected shape.

Customize Functions
Modifies the functions “Insert Note,” “Insert Stamp,” “Add Transparency,” “Insert Bullet Style,” or “Apply Table Style” to the selected shape’s properties.

Reset Customization
Resets the customization of the modifiable functions to the default value.

Who is using PowerPresentation Tools?
PowerPresentation is for everyone who spends an average of 5 or more hours per week working with PowerPoint.
Our main customers are small to mid-sized consultancies, agencies, project managers, and teaching professionals.
PowerPresentation decreases your monthly workload by an average of 2 hours.


Most work within consultancies revolve around PowerPoint. With this easy and simple tool, you will increase the efficiency in creating customer presentations.



While creating compelling campaigns or designs for customers, a lot of work is presented within PowerPoint. PowerPresentation Tools helps you to finalize your presentation and focus more on the design and content.


Project Management

Whether for an internal presentation or an external deliverable, project progress must be presented – reduce the time spent preparing presentations!

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